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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  June 3, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it's so nice out there. i can't wait to get out of the door at 10:00. it's beautiful outside. we have had 50s and 60s and working on 70s for you this afternoon, and much like yesterday. hope you grabbed your coffee and you are ready to catch up on the news and weather with us. leesburg is 64. i don't see any showers on the map. we will see clouds today and maybe a stray shower up to the north, but the way i see it, we will be in the middle 70s by 2:00. and temperatures by 6:00, 76. we will talk about the rest of our seven-day weather forecast coming up, and kind of a cool and unsettled weather pattern. we will talk about that later. >> none of the severe stuff?
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>> no, nothing severe. in the news, new today, firefighters rescued a woman inside this apartment building after a driver crashed their car into it in prince georges county. the crash happened around 3:30 this morning in the 6800 block of riverdale road in riverdale. the woman was asleep in her bed when the car crashed into her bedroom. she along with the driver were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. a building inspector is expected to check if the building is structurally sound. thursday night a woman in an suv accidentally ran over five children in the driveway and her daughter was among the victims and that little girl died on friday morning. >> it came, and then i was trying to run, but like, there
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was a lot of stuff. >> uh-huh. >> and i fell down, and the car came, and pushed me. >> police say the woman was leaving the home after an argument and accidentally hit the gas instead of the break. she has not been charged. one of the victims, 10 year oiled, isaac gonzalez, is still in the hospital with serious injuries. and a man was shot in the head in trenton, southeast washington. police have not tkreleased a tk sreuption of the man they are looking for. two men open fire at each other in the safe way parking lot on maryland avenue in northeast yesterday morning. nobody was hurt but bullets did hit several cars. police arrested one man. this morning they are still on the lookout for that other man. police need your help for men captured on this video.
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they used the victim's credit card. police enhanced the videos from surveillance video where the men used the credit cards. if you recognize these men, call park police. in the week ahead voters in wisconsin will decide whether to oust walker from office. they are upset he ended collective bargaining rights for most of the state's government workers. he faces barrett. and then the assistant coach of penn state football starts his trial this week. they pushed to delay the trial saying they needed more prepare time for the defense. sandusky is accused of molesting boys over a 10 year period.
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new this morning, just moments ago, an attorney for george zimmerman says his client returned to florida and will turn himself into police today. a florida judge ordered him to return to jail within 48 hours. zimmerman failed to disclose he raced $135,000 on the internet to help pay for his legal defense. he is charged with second-degree murder in the february shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin, who was unarmed. and pakistani militants are dead due to a u.s. drone strike. this is the sixth u.s. drone attack in the past two weeks despite pakistan demanding they stop. meanwhile, canada has come to the defense of the u.s. saying drone strikes are more efficient in reducing civilian
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deaths. technological advances have made sure that they can assure targeting militants in the strikes. demonstrators are still gathered at the now infamous scare in cairo, but this was the scene last night. thousands turned out tahrir square. more than 900 people were killed in the up rising. most people were happy with mubarak being found guilty, but said the death penalty is the only way to deliver justice to the people. and the time is 9:05. one of the most popular restaurants in the area, and business is picking up. >> so you might ask yourself why
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a tragic accident in ghana. ten people are dead after a cargo plane crashed into a bus. it happened as the plane tried to land at an airport. the 727 plowed into the fence before it slammed into a bus full of passengers. everybody on the bus died. syrian president said his government had nothing to do with the recent massacre.
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in his speech today, it marked his first comments on the killings. the massacre last week in syria's central region killed more than wupd people, and nearly half of them were children. and may's dismal jobs turned into what seemed like a steady economy into a shaky one. only 69,000 jobs were added last month, and that's a far cry from the 150,000 they were expecting. the unemployment rate went up, and analysts say that's because more people are looking. these numbers are changing an already tight race for the white house. >> these are horrible things for a president seeking re-election, because it gets to the bedrock of the campaign, which is is the economy getting better, and if not is the president to blame. this is exactly the campaign
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mitt romney wants to run in these conditions. he has to be careful about rooting for downturn. it's these conditions that allow him to say we could be doing better. >> be sure and tune in later this morning for "meet the press." two governors will square off on the jobs report and upcoming elections, and with the republic from ohio, john casic. the only good news in the economy is the falling gas prices. two states are selling gas for less than $3 a gallen at 2.99. it's the largest monthly drop since november. and aaa reports the national average is $3.60, and in the district it's 3.73, and maryland, 3.75 downtown, and in
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west virginia, 3.66. ellen degeneres will join the president in los angeles for a fund-raiser on wednesday. this event is geared towards the lesbian and gay and bisexual and transgender community. sarah jessica parker is hosting a dinner party at her new york city home. should be a fun aware i am sure. >> i wonder how many people can fit in their home? >> cram them in, as long as they bring their checkbook. seven tornadoes dropped from the sky at the last check on friday. coming up, i will tell you which counties saw the most, and i will tell you how the rest of the weekend is shaping up. the w[ male announcer ]up. u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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is going for aluminum. cullen jones is in it for water-resistant thermoplastic. and amanda mcgrory? she's competing for carbon fiber. they're not just going for gold, they're joining with citi to give back to the programs that helped them along the way with bikes, kickboards. and racing chairs. join the movement at and help citi help our u.s. athletes give back together, every step of the way.
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right now, more than 1,000 firefighters are trying to contain a massive wildfire in new mexico. they are trying to build lines to keep the fire from spreading. it already scorched more than 200,000 acres across the national forest, destroying cabins and building in its path. investigators say lightning sparked the fire more than two weeks ago. and then this time on the move by sea. the enterprise has been parked at kennedy airport since it flew from dulles to new york. it was placed on a barge for the slow journey. tuesday, a tugboat will move enterprise to the intrepid to the carrier. a cane will lift the spacecraft
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on to the flight deck. this week, you can see the out-of-this-whirl phenomenon. the friends of the plan tearam are hosting a fewing party. the transit of venus will happen after 6:00 in the evening and last a few hours. venus will look like a black dot. don't look at the sun without proper protection like solar eclipse glasses, because the sun rays can damage the eyes. >> this is your one and only chance, because it won't happen for another 100 years. >> people are living longer. >> my grandmother is 102 years old. >> that's my mom.
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she lives there. i like the deep fried reese's pieces. i got a blooming onion, too. >> why stop? >> go hard or don't go at all, right. >> and go see, bernard, your trainer. >> tweet me, what are good things to eat at what festivals. it's great to see you. it's a comfortable morning outside and we are looking forward to having a nice day ahead. temperatures have been climbing into the 60s, and 70s after a morning start in the 50s. and even in culpepper, they got started in the upper 40s this morning. sitting at 69 in reagan international, the humidity is dry there. 47%. winds are westerly, 8 miles per hour. and more coming in at stanton.
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and so a beautiful morning, shaping up. that humidity is low. it feels good when you go outside. the high today will be in the upper 70s. i put a few thunderstorm chances, and not widespread, maybe 30 to 20% chance. i don't think we have a shot of rain, a mostly sunny day and fredericksburg around 79. we have the crazy severe weather on friday, and these are some of the tornado reports that have been officially coming in at the weather service. and winds between 65 and 85 in damascus. there were two different tornado reports in damascus, and one at countryside all in montgomery county. montgomery county had three tornados on the ground. and then into carroll county we had one with a path of four miles. and then this one was the
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strongest tornado, winds of 86 and 110. this was up in harper county, and this one injured two people up towards pleasant hills. and the runway here, it was a weaker tornado, ef-0. and then prince georges county had a weak one on the ground neare u.s. 50 and the beltway. that was some of the crazy weather we had not to mention the damaging winds and flash flooding on friday. now we are enjoying the weekend but i am keeping this system on my radar today, and if we see a shower it will be in the northern suburbs. i think we are going to save the rain for tuesday, wednesday and thursday for this week. if you look here, the front will stall and moisture will be back across the area, and that is going to mean unsettled weather and not so great.
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so let's just enjoy what we have now. let's put it in writing. sunset is 8:29. coming up and extending the forecast pretty good weather today and tomorrow. a few more clouds around tomorrow. anything in the 70s is cooler than average for us, and average high is about 80 degrees now. we will be about ten degrees cooler than average come the middle of the week on wednesday. that will probably be the busiest days for showers and thunderstorms. kind of cool. and hopefully next weekend we will be back up to a seasonable high of 80. >> i forgot to tell you, i also got a funnel cake. >> great. >> we got that for the baby. >> for the baby? she didn't like it, though.
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did you call it funnel cakes or elephant ears? >> yeah, elephant ears. >> yeah, me, too. >> if you are still looking for a place to go, go to, it's great, i love this about the weekend, right up top they have the top ten day trips if you are a day tripper, and then the top picks for the weekend. there are a couple things we will have for today. not bad weather to get outside. >> head on out. now a traffic alert for drivers today. you might want to avoid the wilson bridge this weekend because of some major construction. crews are putting the finishing touches on the final through ways between route 1 and telegraph road, only one lane of traffic is open and lanes are closed all weekend and have caused major backups as you can expect. you are looking live at the next exit back from telegraph road.
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yesterday traffic stretched on to the wilson bridge and on into maryland. the work at telegraph is expected to wrap up by 5:00 tomorrow morning, and if you have access to the internet go to the website and you can look at that graph. the chick-fil-a is closed for june for renovations. the changes are to help with booming business. the restaurant is doing 250% more sales than the store was designed for. the fast-food joint is set to re-open in july. but if you can't wait until july, hold on a few more minutes. tomorrow the long and anticipated chick-fil-a food truck will hit the road. it supposed to be open june 9th. the truck will not be serving
9:24 am
waffle fries, or lemonade. >> they may have the new chocolate chip cookies here. >> do you notice the trend here? >> sugar down the throat. >> chick-fil-a is having the problem all across the area because there is not that many in here, and there's a lot that has the two-way alternating traffic. >> not a bad problem to have. no storms to stop play at national's park, but there was plenty of heat. agood morning. your sports minute begins on the die phupd. nationals hosting the braves. stephen strausburg strikes out nine. the nats take down atlanta, 2-0.
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gonzalez will tow the rubber this afternoon looking to improve to 8-1 this season. and orioles get an impressive start with brian maddious. orioles beat the rays 2-1 and snap a six-game losing streak. stanley cup finals, game two. the kings, carter scores your overtime winner to give l.a. a 2-1 victory over new jersey. the kings win games one and two on the road and head home with a 2-0 series advantage. and oklahoma city beats san antonio, 109-103. that series even at two games a piece. that's your sports minute, and have a great day. today children can add creativity to their written work with artwork.
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the event features more than 1,300 of the area's artist for the next three weeks. artist can show and sell their work, and can you find this setup at 1851 south bell drive in crystal city. the building is set to be tk demolished this summer. i got a chance to talk to two of the featured artist who are married. >> content wise, it's political and personal. i will talk about social issues and vegetarianism, and kind of covers the gamut. >> art-o-matic runs through june 23rd. also today, take a look at glass art and set your dvr's for a feature on art-o-matic in the next few days. you, of course, can find that by searching my twitter.
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>> that's from the exhibit, from frank warren, where people all over the word for the last seven or eight years have been mailing their secrets with no return address. >> now the secrets are out there for everybody. >> you don't know where they are coming from. keep with tradition or make room for expansion? the fight over the location of a decade-old festival in d.c. and the destruction left overnight when a car ran into the bedroom of an apartment building. you are watching "news4 today." stay with us. the wisconsin recall, obama and romney tour the country raising money, and michelle obama hits the campaign trail. on monday, president obama
9:28 am
raised money in new york with former president bill clinton, and on tuesday, it's the recall in wisconsin. embattled governor walker, a republican, fighting for his job after controversy erupted last year over his push to eliminate bargaining rights for public sector employees. and then the l.a. events include a performance by pink. on thursday, the president goes from l.a. to las vegas, nevada, the critical battleground state. michelle obama campaigns in northern virginia. that's it for me. that's y
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it is just after 9:30 on this sunday morning, and we are
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off to a very cool and comfortable start. good morning, everyone. i am richard jordan. >> i am angie goff. welcome to "news4 today." you know it's good weather when you have all the construction in the morning, and it's early and the construction workers are out, an indicator the weather is going to be just fine. >> never thought of that. >> i had a detour that lasted a couple minutes, but it's fine. >> nice and try on the radar. we should be fine most of the day, everybody. temperatures are cool but warming up. let's get started with a look around. temperatures have moved up in the upper 60s to around 70 in spots, and there is that 71 at the river. and the radar shows the activity across pennsylvania, keep your fingers crossed it stays up there. here, partly sunny. these are the numbers that i am forecasting. 2:00, 75, and 6:00, 66.
9:33 am
between 2:00 and 6:00, we will have a high of 77. an isolated thunderstorm chance in the northern suburbs this afternoon. i will be back in a few minutes. >> thank you. new today, firefighters rescued a woman inside this apartment building after a car crashed into it in prince georges county. the crashed happened at 3:30 this morning in the 6800 block in riverdale. >> reporter: good morning. we are here in the chestnut ridge apartments in the 6800 block of riverdale road. when it's a case of car versus building, there is a clear victor. but the car is still drivable. you may have to pull the fender away from the driver. the build something still inhabitable, except for the boarded up area right here.
9:34 am
this car ended up in the window of the ground floor apartment. there was one person home in the apartment and that person was taken away with minor injuries, and there was another person, the driver, also transported with minor injuries. the concerns of the building being inhabitable have been taking care of. some did not know anything had happened and some heard a skwroeld and they looked and did not see anything surprising and went back to bed. it's not clear at this point how this car ended up into the building, but we are fortunate damage and injuries were not worse, because we have seen how these things can turn out and sometimes deadly, but not in this case. >> good news. thank you. crews in maryland continue to clean up after severe storms. a tornado did touch down in
9:35 am
bellaire. luckily nobody was killed. that was one of seven twisters that touched down in our region on friday, and each of them in maryland. one of the twisters was in hartford county. >> one man there says he was close to being right in the path of the storm. john dennis of boston, maryland, was 15 minutes away from work when the storm hit. his car and storage business took heavy damage, and multiple cars crushed by debris. he says he thinks about how it could have been even worse. >> my desk is right under the center, and what you are seeing there is the trailer, actually. so it could have been bad. >> crews from bg & e have restored power since friday night. a tornado that swept through on friday caused more than $4 million in damage. look at the video. nobody was seriously hurt. a tornado started out as a water
9:36 am
spout, and the storm also blew out homes and buildings in the city there. a lot of windows broken there. a county man with special needs vanished during the storm but is now back with his family. they found 31-year-old thomas in montgomery village. they safely reunited him with his family last night. also this morning, a family is recovering from a paddle boat accident near the national harbor. a strong wind pushed their boat into a rocky part in the potomac river and knocked them into the water. bystanders helped three of the victims get to shore. one woman was rescued that was hurt and all were taken to a area hospital and expected to be okay. and then friends and family remembering the lives of a
9:37 am
popular high school. the man was known as the godfather of county administrators. marco died last month and was principal of whitman high for almost 30 years and respected by students and teachers alike. he helped to develop the school's stellar national representation. a memorial will be held in bethesda from 3:00 to 4:30 this afternoon. and then a petition is under way to keep a festival in its neighborhood. it may be moved to pennsylvania avenue near the ball. the deputy mayor for public safety proposed moving the festival from the mt. pleasant neighborhood to downtown. some say the event has out grown the neighborhood, and others say it belongs in the historic hispanic community. and then the "washington
9:38 am
post" says more than 100 people have already signed up to speak about the plan. local officials are talking about a special tax for those that live close to the silver line. some residents are opposed to that plan saying they should not have to pay for the silver line's development. a financing meeting is set for wednesday. the time right now is 9:38. coming up, the life commitment that more than 1,000 people will make today in d.c. the heartwarming reasons behind this pink party. ♪
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embassy suites. get more. in this week's wednesday child, it was a year since we
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introduced amman. he found a family. and barbara harrison has more. >> reporter: wow! fantastic! great to see you. you turned into a real winner, haven't you? >> yeah. >> fantastic. i think you have a winning family you will introduce me to? >> yeah. >> reporter: he came to the park with some of his family so we could meet them. >> my dad, my mom. >> reporter: his parents and five of his new siblings joined him. some of the older ones have grown up and left home, but still plenty to make amman feel welcome and safe. >> we had to assure him he was safe that nobody was going to harm him and there was going to be a permanent home. he was getting a whole big family. he had plenty of protection around him. >> reporter: they met in the
9:43 am
military and decided they wanted to help foster kids as well as by owe logic. >> they started to foster children when they realized how difficult it was to see them leave their home. >> i cried over every single one. >> reporter: it has been a year since we last met him. >> he was scared to go upstairs by himself and scared to go outside by himself, and scared of people. he didn't want to take baths. he just had a lot of things that he had to work through. he just needed a family to have patience. >> reporter: he says it's mostly his new dad's big muscles that make him feel safe. as a minister, anthony mcclain
9:44 am
says he wants to save children. >> i wanted a sunday child, but they told me he was a wednesday child. >> reporter: he says amman is his child now, monday through sunday. >> that's my child. >> he got some great parents there. if you have room in your home or heart for a wednesday's child, you can call or get information on the website, some girls living with parents that have cancer and got the vip treatment. they gave the girls a chance to escape reality. there was primping there.
9:45 am
we will be back with the forecast next. stay with us.
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♪ fios. a network ahead. it's a gorgeous sunday. our temperatures are on the move, but they have to climb out of the 50s and 60s before they go anywhere. but we are off and running. there is the 69. we have been there for the last hour or so. 66 for both frederick and gaithersburg, and fredericksburg is at 71. the high will be in the middle and upper 70s, a lot like yesterday. we have a couple thunderstorm chances north and west, but it should be a dry day. if you want to make the outdoor plans i think you are in good shape. this will be the batch of moisture that should stay across pennsylvania, and northern suburbs you might get clipped by a shower or two. this is the big low that will keep us cool and unsettled, and
9:49 am
cool meaning in the 70s in the next week, but the unsettled weather getting here tuesday, wednesday and thursday and as the low moves to new england it will swing more instability, and that's a way to lift the atmosphere and get a few showers and thunderstorms to develop. mainly today an isolated storm threat to the north and the temperatures will be between 74 and 78 with a west wind. coming up tomorrow morning, we will wake up to the 50s once again. that will feel nice. you folks along the way will be around 60 with the warmer water, and then clouds around and still cool for this time of year. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, where the rain showers will be falling. i think wednesday will be the wettest day of the week. rounding out this weekend into next weekend, things should improve. back up to 80 by saturday with sun and clouds.
9:50 am
we will keep an eye on the forecast for you. >> thank you. the time right now, the thi hate getting less.e but i love getting more.
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welcome back. nbc is your place for politics. >> let's look at what is coming up on this sunday morning. >> good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, president will have to try to disqualify mitt romney, and it's the only way to encounter the super pacs. if romney wins, will he become the first candidate since richard nixon to beat a more
9:54 am
likeable opponent. and the brits are celebrating the queen's 60 years. has she shown the modern power of the monarchy. join us for a great roundtable. now for a look at what is coming up on "meet the press," here is david gregory. >> thanks, chris. after a dismal jobs report, with us this morning, for a campaign debate on the economy and which candidate has a better job creating credential. plus we will go inside the numbers of key battleground states for the political roundtable and they will map out what they think is a winning strategy for the fall. it's all coming up this morning
9:55 am
on "meet the press." be sure to stay tuned after the program for the "press pass" conversation with author and journalist from "newsweek," and it's only here on nbc 4. it was a big day for weddings yesterday. ashley biden tied the knot to her long-time boyfriend. the two exchanged vows in delaware. "people" magazine says the groom will surprise the bride with the honeymoon destination. the president and the first lady were not among the wedding party. and tress, drew barrymore married her boyfriend of over a year. the ceremony was held at her california home. she is expecting their first child later this year. more than 500 couples will renew their vows today.
9:56 am
cardinal donald world will preside over the ceremonies. well, before we say good-bye, we want to take you live across the pond. >> england is celebrating the queen's diamond jubilee. she is working 60 years on the thrown. right now is the pageant on the river. >> look at that. it's really crowded out there. our own doug, we might spot him out there later on. he is en route to london to cover the jubilee right now. he tweeted a picture of him boarding the plane. he will report live tomorrow at news4 at 5:00 p.m. we have the barge there on the river, and then coming up later, there will be the lunch in and the concert, right? >> sir elton john and sir paul mccartney. doug will make friends there. there is the queen in white.
9:57 am
>> she looks wonderful. >> he has to brush up on his english english. >> he will do a great job. you can follow him on twitter. >> yesterday the queen went to the derby, because she loves horse racing and she was out there -- >> the darby. >> excuse me. my apologies, ma'am. there has been a lot of activities and excitement for the whole royal family there in england celebrating 60 years. what an accomplishment there. >> the partying is in full force. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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